On the occasion of its 85 anniversary, Osaka International University has been refurbishing the Moriguchi Campus and reconstructing the Building no. 1 of the College as its core project.
Employing the logo as a design motif, the ‘OIU’s are placed randomly over the building; and this aims to make students and faculty members consistently aware of their objectives. The overall aspiration is to establish the College as an international hub.
With the use of the original font, pictograms and patterns, this design goes beyond a conventional 2D frame and represents the school’s positive stance to keep confronting new challenges to come.
The building consists of various innovative spaces. The entrance gate, for instance, is made of cast aluminium panels, and these panels create a unique atmosphere throughout the whole entrance area. Other communal places are constructed using a wide range of materials and methods, such as original sign partitions, fixed furniture and lights, gates, as well as fences. In addition to the functional purposes, these distinctive techniques and spaces have consequently strengthened the value of the school brand itself.

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