¨Bored out of its aristocratic life it turned into stone in order to endure the unmerciful weather, live outside, sleep under the stars and be connected to life¨
Concrete Urban benches made with flexible moulds, a technique developed by Grupo Bondi. This technique allows us to achieve great finished surfaces, fluid shapes and back-flows, successfully enabled by going beyond traditional rigid-mould systems. From a common material such as concrete we have made high quality pieces.
A one-piece, solid bench. What were supposed to be the capitone buttons are now the rainwater drain holes. As time goes by, its structure and finish remain inalterable. A piece that will last a lifetime.
Finally, after two years of development, the benches are available in the market since 2012. The first pieces were installed in July 2013, ordered by the city government, within a remodeling plan of the downtown.
The contradictions are part of the DNA of Buenos Aires city. The poetry, the “french” style, the seduction that implies to approach and touch to understand, the copy and the original, the appearances we are fooled by show us our prejudices and the automatic of every day life.

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