Bebat’s outdoor collection module is used in container and recycle parks to collect as many batteries as possible in an easy and visible way.

The proportion of batteries in consumer household waste should be further reduced. Batteries are not waste, after all, but a new source of materials, because they consist for more than 99% of perfectly recyclable parts.
Batteries can be cleanly and easily disposed of in this module, instead of lingering for years in cellars and attics.
This new vision is reflected in the module’s design and its ambition to become a fully-fledged consumer product.

The module is almost entirely made out of polyethylene through rotational moulding. Because the products are part of a closed system (everything always stays the property of the client), all PE in this flow can be perfectly controlled and recycled.
In order to obtain a limited environmental impact, all parts are easy to separate and recycle.

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