As a new generation for the ACO Multiline drainage system, the ACO Drainlock Intercpet Grating focuses on highly sophisticated design with optimum functionality at the same time. The continuous U-profile of the filling bars and the accurate mesh sizes offers a harmonic and precious look, which emphasizes the durable material stainless steel.

The anti-slip structure with upstanding load bars provides improved safety; the heelguard feature with a slot width of only 8 mm prevents people from getting stuck when wearing narrow heels.

Also the production process is characterized by highest innovation and filed as a patent. The grating is manufactured without any welding, what implicates significant ecological and economic advantages.

The ACO Drainlock Intercept Grating functions up to load class B in accordance with DIN EN 1433 and is equipped with the approved ACO Drainlock screwless locking device for a safe fixation in the drainage channel.

As the visible part of the drainage system gratings place an aesthetic emphasis and upgrade each urban open space additionally.

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