Santiago Park Cemetery has an area of 260 thousand m2. His audience is mostly middle socioeconomic level. Go see a relative or friend buried is a stressful event. Getting to see, to visit and make your search so hard, the act increases stress. We are asked to solve the orientation of visitors to Santiago Park Cemetery.
In Oxygen Group we like challenges and innovate with what we do, so we decided to go beyond a simple visual guide to orientation. We decided to create a system to find the graves of loved ones to rest in the cemetery.
We create a communication system based on code released at the entrance (a number that is printed on each grave). Through this number easily guides the visitor through the sectors and areas to find your loved one. The system is efficient, functional, sustainable and friendly to the environment.
To create a visual guidance system based on the use of color, with internal and maps iconización milestones. For concrete structures designed brackets and sheet metal with orientation maps.

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