YANG DESIGN Museum is China’s first private museum in the field of industrial design. Housed in a former power station of cotton mill upwards of 5000 square meters with hundred years history, YDM has kept old concrete frame construction, coal transport bridge, large blanking funnel and power set base interiorly and been newly designed five steel-work split levels in pure white color. Old patches of pillars and new white and concise box-shapes are set off by sharp contrast of different colors and materials.
There are three core parts of YDM to show historic design – contemporary design – future design, exhibiting the founder’s extensive collection of classic design objects from industrial revolution in UK till now, hundreds pieces of contemporary good products recognized by top design awards. It has been clued to induce visitors to think about people’s lifestyle in different area and age.
The design team successfully made an attempt on covering metal support with innovative elastic fabric which is sparkled by LED casting from the back. It brings the kind of unique and fantastic visual effect.

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