We were engaged to develop the identity signage, wayfinding, donor recognition elements, and electronic event displays for Whitney’s 9 floors and 220,000 square feet of space. Our challenge was to extend the brand with enough restraint to keep the museum environment simple, elegant and timeless. It had to be functionally effective yet subdued enough so as not to compete with the art. To achieve this, Whitney’s “Responsive W” logo was used as a graphic element to create a unique visual language for the wayfinding program. A flexible typographic grid based on this logo, consisting of graphics that incorporate arrows, acts as a ‘container’ for directional information. The monochromatic colour palette is based on black, grey and white, and type plays a secondary and complimentary role. Digital displays were applied in a consistent vertical format, no matter the size, to ensure that information and artwork could be easily interchanged between both. The result is a clean branded environment with signage, wayfinding, donor recognition, and digital event displays that do not detract from the museum pieces and allow patrons to effectively move around the spaces with ease and tranquility.

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