The grounds of the historical Municipal Market in the city of Guimarães in the North of Portugal used to be a privileged and central location of public life. The urban design programme provided a comprehensive concept to restore this area by relating to its historic functions. Both the market place and the adjacent buildings were to be rejuvenated and thus reintegrated into the urban fabric. For this purpose, the functional programme for the infrastructure clearly defined three major programme areas to be implemented as an arts and culture centre. As a part of the European Capital of Culture 2012, this centre thus transformed into a multifunctional platform dedicated to various artistic, economic, cultural and social activities. The Art Centre houses a permanent exhibition area for the Collection of José de Guimarães and a temporary exhibition area, as well as a multipurpose public space for additional activities, performances and shows. The Creative Labs serve for the reception and installation of activities related to creative industries, as well as supporting and developing business projects. Finally, the Workshops to Support Emerging Creativity offer young creators in various areas the chance to develop projects on a temporary basis. In an impressive manner, this project realises the idea of a multifunctional space through urban design. In harmony with the existing architecture, this concept serves the multi-faceted purpose of supporting creative potential.

A centre of life

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