With the grand plan to relocate most of the central government agencies from Seoul to the newly built Sejong city, there was an immediate need for a new National Library of Korea that would serve as the information hub. Designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers with the motif of a book page being turned over, a simple geometry of a gently curved paper forms the basis of the design and creates a unique outline that is easily recognizable as one of the landmark buildings of the Sejong city.

Departing from conventional libraries commonly found in rigid forms, the library was also planned to become an Emotional-Library, a place with curvatures where analogue converge with digital for the convenience of the users maximizing the potentials of the library. Inside the building, an expansive open space with splendid view of the lake provides an ultimate atmosphere for library users while a gently lifted opening of the mass creates a central pedestrian plaza welcoming visitors inside the public building. A unique landmark and extension of the Sejong city, the library will become an important asset to the city providing a platform for research, interaction, and progress.

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