Located amid the hilly slopes of western Denmark, Moesgaard Museum lets its visitors explore history, travel through time and experience the people of the past, present and future. With the rising of a new museum building, the design department at Henning Larsen Architects has taken on the full interior design as means of visually communicating the museum’s identity and core values.

The interior design concept is derived from the layers of earth that were excavated to uncover our cultural heritage. Digging down, these layers provide us with clues about who we once were and what the future might hold. Through dusty colours, wooden materials and concrete surfaces, guests will experience the museum as a journey through our Danish heritage.

As part of the final solution, a full line of fixed furniture for the café, shop, waiting areas, wardrobe and reception was designed. From brown leather cushions, woollen fabrics to oak surfaces, all furniture pieces play a role in the all-encompassing narrative.

The new museum embodies the quintessence of a holistic museum experience. Through its use of visual themes, Moesgaard Museum tells a detailed story of authenticity.

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