For years, SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE FRANKFURT has been a pioneer in the field of education and explaining for children and adolescents. In 2014, the exhibition house grew with the addition of MINISCHIRN – a creative space in which children aged three or older can explore and discover. The existing architecture is penetrated by a treehouse group that symbolizes children’s drive to discover. On 100 square metres, a play and learning trail offers a first-hand, fun experience of the ABC of creativity and art. Spatial installations and experimental stations offer a physical experience of artistic strategies such as irritation or transformation.

With MINISCHIRN, for the first time in Germany, a permanent format enables parents to visit current exhibitions while their children approach art independently. MINISCHIRN’s child-friendly, yet reduced design reflects SCHIRN’s CI and expresses its educational credentials. Far into the urban surroundings, the ‘In-house house’ draws attention to the creativity inside.

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