As China’s first design centre for kids, the Kids Museum of Glass was an important precedent for children’s museums of the future. The award-winning Shanghai Museum of Glass, its parent museum also located in G+Park, needed a complementary setting for kids to learn about glass in an intriguing and inspiring way. With two floors of displays, demonstration areas, DIY workshops, a gift shop, and a cafe, the Kids Museum of Glass is much more than a museum: it’s a playground. Elements taken from the Shanghai Museum of Glass, such as sleek and streamlined surfaces, can be found in the Kids Museum of Glass, but those concepts were turned into an inviting playground. Sleek glass surfaces are punctuated by more commonplace materials such as plywood. The space was designed as a “Glass City” with three areas called “The Beach”, “The Circus”, and “The Factory”. Above all, the museum was made as tactile as possible. Kids are more intrigued by hands-on activities. Some of the courses that are offered inside the DIY Workshop area include making mosaics or painting glass, fun for kids and parents alike.

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