As part of the Shanghai Museum of Glass and its home G+PARK’s fifth anniversary, COORDINATION ASIA ideated the Design Wing, breathing new life into a former industrial building. Linked to the Shanghai Museum of Glass Main Hall, the Design Wing serves as a beautifully minimalist extension of one of Shanghai’s most unique museums. Since opening in 2011, the collection of artworks and design pieces belonging to the museum has steadily grown, and the Design Wing is a space that can swiftly adapt to the ever-evolving design landscape in glass, representing the possibilities that glass offers. Covering 2,100 square metres, the Design Wing encompasses two floors. While an extension of the Shanghai Museum of Glass, the two buildings are a stark contrast, complementing each other like night and day. Both are streamlined and minimalistic. The Main Hall is dark and withdrawn, made for a deep dive exploration of the glass world. The Design Wing utilises sunlight to let the design pieces reveal themselves fully like art on a canvas. Large windows and light walls maximise the natural light, and mirrors lining select sides of the interior create an effect of fathomless space.

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