Focus on the human body: The Expertisium, centrepiece of the newly opened Aesculap Academy in Bochum, illustrates the areas of medicine covered by B. Braun and Aesculap. It is reminiscent of a spacious, clearly structured operating room – using the CI-colours of B. Braun. The showroom‘s eye-catcher is the “Anatomic Person“, a large interactive installation. It summarises the treatment domains of B. Braun in an intuitively comprehensible image. The company’s current products are on display, accompanied by large graphics – reminiscent of X-ray images. They provide insights into the anatomy of the human body and serve as a backdrop for presenting and indicating the specific medical use of the surgical devices.
Visitors are guided from one innovation to the next. A 42-metre long ramp, presenting a historical overview of the milestones in the company‘s past and in the history of medicine, finally leads from the showroom to the “Competence Centre Surgery”. With just under 10,000 products on display, it demonstrates impressively and concisely the variety of special surgical instruments provided by Aesculap. Individual consultation is offered.

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