Wundies is a safe, stylish and washable panty providing dignity and control to women suffering from urinary leakage. One third of all women suffers from some form of urinary leakage. Wundies is a revolutionary innovation with a built-in protection. The superabsorbent is the thinnest on the market. It captures and retains urine as much as 40 times its own weight leaving the user with a dry feeling. Hydrophobic barriers prevents leaking, making it safer than traditional protection. The solution of preventing overflowing by capillary force is Wundies own unique innovation. Furthermore the built-in safetypad has an anti-odour treatment as an extra feature. Wundies solution turns the traditional view upside down on what a functional product looks like and presents a long-awaited garment for the target group. It is discreet, has a modern great look and gives it bearer a sense of style. The solution will reduce the use of disposable products and thereby decrease the mountain of garbage. This will have a major positive impact on the environment. Most important is that with Wundies the woman can stay active, live more independently and feel secure, confident and have less discomfort.

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