Triaction Dynamic Lite® is the first concept in the category that offers the extreme support of a sports bra without the bulk. For all women shape. The product idea was born from real consumer insights: during market researches, women were complaining about the stiffness of their sports bra. Too rigid, not adapted to real bodies, not supportive enough. Considering that women want the best support to enjoy fully all their sporting activities, they needed to cope with a high level of discomfort, and deal with unflattering fits due to the lack of fit offer. The innovation of Dynamic Lite bras is the revolutionary combination of fabrics, innovative straps and various advanced craftsmanship technics. Thanks to the innovative 3D Powertech the bras are very light and flexible yet extremely supportive. A 2-way stretch fabric, a strong lightweight mesh and soft moisture management lining are insightfully laminated together, allowing the bras to stay very light and adjustable to every body shape. To provide the best choice to every woman we have developed 3 fits : a natural bra, a front closure bra, and a padded bra. Finally, fashionable colors, and print give the bras a very feminine look.

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