Strammer Max® SOCKS are manufactured using an innovative combination of different high-tech yarns. Only this guarantees the perfect interaction of functionality, wearing comfort and look, which makes our product so unique. The Emana® yarn used for Strammer Max® SOCKS creates a perfect match between material and body with all the given advantages. Strammer Max®SOCKS Sports Line are a tightly woven but elastic and breathable knee-high sock, that adapts perfectly to the lower leg. Through the constant pressure the blood flow improves and oxygen concentration within the muscles increases. This leads to better performance and less fatique. Strammer Max® SOCKS is ideal for sports, but also for relaxation and better regeneration after training. Strammer Max® SOCKS are being manufactured according to the highest quality standards within the EU. The especially developed thin seams are an expression of excellent workmanship and highest production technology. Emana® has been tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and certified Class 1.

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