St. Antoni socks are equipped with a patented snap system that keeps the socks together during the wash cycle. This mechanism eliminates the everyday hassle of sorting socks and the loss of single socks with the highest standards of design quality. The goal is a sustainable management of socks by lengthening the life cycle and time savings during the washing process, and the redefinition of the black business sock as a fashion statement.

Each sock is characterized by an embroidery detail with a signature color pattern which reinforces the sock in the load bearing area, while also being the intuitive gripping area to connect and disconnect the socks. A smart logo – the plastic snap – is attached to the bottom of the embroidery. The snap feature is integrated into an iconic logo graphic that is generated by a two-component injection molding process – a perfect interplay of design and function. The ultra-thin snap (only 1mm height!) ensures maximum wearing comfort.
High-grade, OEKO-TEX®-certified materials (superior pima cotton and modal) meet the highest standards of quality, sustainability and comfort.

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