The Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie is a superior body shaping intimate apparel exclusively created for elegant, modern and result-driven women of today. It is invented with every woman's dream body in mind using integrated technology of ergonomics and aesthetics to give body beautiful contours and curves.

TECHNOLOGY: The use of latest advanced technology is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the product. Premium Beautiful contains Far Infra-red (F.I.R) which is renowned for its effectiveness in boosting metabolism and defining body curves.

ERGONOMICS: Premium Beautiful is designed to give you an instant feminine silhouette along with the ultimate comfort and health benefits. Premium Beautiful is ergonomically designed to give you a smooth, seamless hourglass figure without the discomfort that girdles and corsets can create. Furthermore, it is safe and durable.

AESTHETICS: This is the guiding philosophy with regards to the creation and appreciation of beauty. Premium Beautiful is designed to enhance and sculpt the body contour for a stunning figure.

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