Women’s underwear was originally designed for protection. After the underwear has been designed for over 100 years, however, the women’s underwear on the market has more decoration and attraction elements, which does not provide much protection for women except for covering the private parts and keeping dust away. So, we design this Women Nursing Underwear (New Generation of Women Underwear) in line with the concept of “Wearing is Caring”. We found women experiencers to do research,and spent years in adjusting material selection, model design and production mode .On the one hand, we chose PLA fiber as the crotch fabric of [Women Nursing Underwear] , which is weak acidity and skin-friendly . With the protection of weak acid fabric, the weak acid environment of private parts can be sustained so that beneficial lactobacillus can get healthy growth and the flora tends to be balanced. On the other hand ,the extraordinary wearing feelings fit for women’s physiological and psychological curve. As a caring article, [Women Nursing Underwear] makes women safer and healthier from the moment they wear, and be able to ruduse incidence of vagina diseases and dermatosis in private parts.

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