“The Undershirt” by Mey is THE undershirt for businessmen.

The inserts under the arms and at the neck ensure good temperature control and breathability, as well as excellent moisture absorption. A special thread gives the shirt odour-inhibiting properties. The hydrophilic finish on the inside enables the shirt to absorb sweat. The hydrophobic finish on the outside prevents sweat marks from forming on a business shirt. Thanks to a deep V-neck, the top buttons of a business shirt can be opened. The longer back section keeps it firmly tucked inside trousers, and the snug fit ensures that the undershirt can’t be seen underneath a business shirt. The fabric is composed of 57% cotton, 38% Micro-Coolmax® and 5% elastane. Coolmax® is a high-performance functional fibre which transports humidity in a highly-effective way.

In 2018, a model with a shaping function will extend the series. Thanks to its special net-like grid structure, the highly-elastic innovative shaping zone in the abdominal area has a shaping and flattening effect. To make it comfortable on the skin, the net has been flocked with viscose fibres, and special threads have been integrated to make this section breathe.

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