The new Magic Wire bra series from Triumph with the innovative soft-touch wire proves that a bra can be comfortable and provide reliable support at the same time.
Generally, traditional metal wires are used for bras. While they provide support that is just as good, they are less comfortable. With its Magic Wire lingerie collection that has won a Red Dot, underwear manufacturer Triumph is now introducing a new kind of wired bra that promises a combination of comfort and support thanks to its non-metal soft-touch wire.

The soft-touch wire for a more comfortable fit

For more comfort and better support, Triumph has replaced the traditional metal wire with an innovative soft-touch wire made from silicone. The wire is integrated seamlessly in the soft inner pad of the cup, so there is no rubbing or pressure. The wearer enjoys unlimited freedom of movement, while the soft-touch wire and the special design of the bra provide reliable support even for a larger bust. The smooth, supple cups also prevent the bra from being visible under clothing.

Large selection of models from Triumph

To allow every women to enjoy the comfort of the Magic Wire bra from Triumph, this innovation is available in lots of different models: From an A-cup to a G-cup, as a maximiser version with a push-up effect or with a shapewear function or multi-functional straps, the bra series offers a wide selection of different models. In addition to maximum comfort, the bras in the series also have other advantages: Magic Wire features a stylish feminine design, high-quality materials and a fashionable range of colours. The bras with the comfortable soft-touch wires will win you over with their consistently high quality with which the Triumph brand has earned its reputation for both women’s and men’s underwear.

Product features

  • Non-metal, soft-touch wire for a more comfortable fit
  • Offers reliable support
  • Allows maximum freedom of movement
  • Smooth cups that are not visible
  • Various different models, e.g. as a maximiser, shapewear or sports bra
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