Fiske Fishsocks, the finest socks for a Dutch winter. Fiske is the first product from the graduation textile-collection “Stossen” of Nikkie Wester. The collection has its origin in a research upon the general Dutch textile identity and the typical local folklore along with that identity. Near the North-sea coast a special knitting stitch was used for warm clothing on rough waters. With Fiske you wear present day socks that refer to the traditional Dutch fishery with a modern day twist. The socks are produced in close collaboration with very skilled knitters who still posses the technique of traditional hand knitting. These craft skills, in combination with the unique stitch, make that the socks have a good breathability and insulating effect. They are available in the colors neon orange and grey, both provided with a silicon anti-slip sole. To make sure the socks feel as pure wool the best Acrylic is used.

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