Are sustainable and circular dynamics possible in fashion? Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward.
Our graphi-tee is dyed with recycled graphite powder, a waste product of tech industries, upcycling in the process 7-10gr. of graphite otherwise destined to a landfill. We recover the graphite powder created as a result of the manufacturing process of electrodes, and repurpose it in an innovative way to dye our fabrics, saving both the environment and society a cost. A circular solution inspired by tradition, as in ancient Roman times and through the XV-XIX centuries, fabrics were traditionally dyed with graphite in Southern Italy.
Being graphite a lubricant, the bio-cotton jersey used to make the tees obtains an incredibly soft hand. Consistent with our incessant push towards a new order of sustainable action in fashion the graphi-tees are then made with 100% GOTs certified organic cotton in Italy and designed to reduce fabric waste in the process. Graphite powder is non-toxic and represents a problem-solving alternative to the harmful use of chemical substances in fashion, strengthening the ongoing research in circular options for textile products.

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