Collection ‘Unfold’ Walking Textiles

Fascination about how you can use products
Fascination about form and material.
Craftology versus technology in new hybrid collected products.
The form has historical connections but they are reconstructed and remixed to actuality and modern use. A sense of humor gives you an inner smile.

It’s always about looking back to make steps forward
These slippers are based on the beauty of patterns. The concept was to develop slippers as a 2D product and by wearing them, the slippers blow up arround your feet. The obsession was to find very simplicity ways in manufacturing and clever functionality. The combination of crafts and industry is reflected in the way the forms are developed and the material is used. The felt material follows the form and they are industrial made by lasercutting as a piece of paper. The collection ‘Unfold’ Walking textiles are part of your luggage by travelling or you find them in your hotel room.

The design proces of this collection was part of my Master degree at ArtEz Fashion Masters, specialisation shoedesign

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