STEPPING STONES is a massage sandal that comes with three changeable insoles of different layouts of acupunctural massage pods that help you get well every day simply by wearing them.
It is made of superlight and anti-microbial CCILUCELL® material, is formed with fluent streamlines, which implicates the smooth blood flow of body. The toecap and heel-cap are the perfect protection of the feet. The toe guard separates the thumb toe from the others in order to provide better support while standing, and to prevent and soothe the syndrome of Hallux Valgus.
The three changeable insoles are: CASUAL, REFLEXOLOGY and ANTI-PLANTAR FASCIITIS. The CASUAL one is good for everyday wear. The ergonomic insole ensures optimum comfort, quick dry and ventilation. The REFLEXOLOGY insole is for everyday massage. The dots on the pad can stimulate different acupunctures on the feet, which aims to help relieve stress, aid sleep, lose weight, improve general wellness, and even alleviate diabetes pain. The ANTI-PLANTAR FASCIITIS insole comes with dots on the pad, which is for preventing, alleviating, and recovering from plantar fasciitis. Wearers can easily change the insoles based on different needs.

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