Talking about the use of material, high quality leather is used for this shoe: the toe and heel area is equipped with respectable Italian calf leather. The up-to-date hand finished, vintage brown leather, which shows a “patina of life and care” is used in the flexible part of the shoe, summed up with the soft and light felt around the ankle. The lining made out off breathable felt makes the shoe as light as a feather, however keeps your feet warm! This combination stands for class and tradition! Precisely dressed for hunting- for the adventure of life – the boot promises loyalty to: the rebel tan leatherjacket, the waxed jacket or to an Italian step-blazer. The classic elements of the Budapest-perforation, the vintage character and the liability of the traditional felt make this shoe an eye catcher for all self-confidential ladies, which like to leave an impression. Like Tamara de Lempicka stepping off her Bugatti. The new sole with the aggressive profile underline the “tough-optic “of the vintage upper. The significant elements however, which make each and every “JOE NIMBLE”, stand out compared to the others are: toe-freedom (broad width in the toe area) and zero heel.

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