The most mundane products can impact our daily well-being, we set out to reinvent a simple product that helps you relax, the slipper. Combining Scandinavian design principles and European craftsmanship, the Mahabis Classic is a luxury slipper with functionality and simplicity designed for the global market. Instead of consistently designing footwear to stand out, to be one step ahead of the rest, Mahabis are designed to help you step back, to slow down. The noteworthy innovation is a detachable sole, converting the slipper from use indoors to outdoors, it also allows selection of sole colour on and after purchase. The indoor slipper also features a collapsible heel for easy slip-on, support, adjustment, grip and relaxed comfort. The product design, however, is part of a specifically designed customer experience. We wanted the mahabis classic to be an investment in your downtime. Take away fashion and performance from footwear, they’re designed for comfort and functionality, to make our lives easier. Since the 2014 launch, Mahabis have become the fastest growing footwear brand in the world, shipping to over 70+ and visitors from 150+ countries in the world.

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