“my feltboots” Long Top Feltboots for Women are exceptionally elegant and sophisticated. Enjoy the comfort and warmth. Look stylish and original!

Elegant felt boots for women are to wear in a cold dry weather. The main design accents such as especially high-top shoe and authenticity – a part of the foot has been coated with natural leather which resembles authentic rubber shoe valenki. This element not only provides exclusivity of “my feltboots” but at the same time keeps the salt and mud away.

Wool is unique material and has exclusive qualities: hydroscopic, durable, breathable as well as healthy. Because of these main qualities wool is recommended on health prevention. “my feltboots” long top feltboots made from wool not only positively effects for your health but also they are comfortable to wear, has an outstanding look with authentic elements and a fashion sense.

“my feltboots” long top shoes are devoted for modern city woman who cares about naturalness, outstanding look as well as aesthetic and functionality.

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