“Lolitas Easy Walk Experience”, or simply “Lolitas” is a masterpiece of minimal design. With the weight of only 124 g it inspires the feet to keep walking due to a unique technology designed to adapt to the shape of the foot, distribute pressure and rest points, and compensate the weight when walking.
Current women look for comfortable footwear for their daily activities and there are more and more who wear sneakers regularly. Hence, A’RCOPEDICO aims to provide modern, colorful, nature-friendly footwear capable of transmitting the femininity of a ballerina in a more sporting and comfortable product.“Lolitas” are stretchable, breathable, versatile and designed to be worn every day and in any situation. They can be easily folded and fit even in a small handbag while traveling and washed in a washing machine. The sole is very stable, but yet flexible in movement, it feels like a gentle hug for the foot.
The ballerina is available in 15 different fashionable colors, in white or black sole. It guarantees a perfect ally for every woman who seeks comfort without renouncing fashion.

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