X-Trap serves as a safety belt for shoes by supporting the sides and the rear of the outer leather part with a cross line, and is manufactured as a single body without any separation between insole and midsole, solving various issues such as a lack of internal space of shoes, being able to provide the most optimum fit for users through a design that is analogous to the shape of feet.
22 ergonomic wave balance pads have been inserted, which help maintain the balance of a body and allow for pressure, when applied to a foot while walking, to react independently on the ground and provide toning effects. In addition to excluding the adhesion of insole and outsole but instead using an assembly structure, a new processing method, known as a ‘press molding technique’, is applied on the outer leather. As a result, this reduces the use of solvent, a hazardous item used in shoe manufacturing that is harmful to the health of workers, by more than 50%, helping to achieve an environmentally-friendly product.

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