The EVA sandal marks a new departure for Birkenstock, and the result is impressive: the shoes made from EVA material will win you over with their design and comfort. The Birkenstock name stands for comfortable sandals with a fully contoured footbed for healthy and comfortable walking. The EVA sandals are made using an innovative synthetic material called ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to make the shoes even more comfortable and sturdy.

EVA – a shoe material with potential

The EVA plastic is soft and supple, heat-resistant and watertight as well as resistant to many external influences. On top of all that, it is ultra light. This makes the shoes from EVA plastic easy to care for and sturdy. The foam structure of the EVA sandals from Birkenstock absorbs shock and impacts, thus facilitating easy and healthy walking. Because the material is also tested for harmful substances, the shoes can be worn barefoot without any concerns. In the production process, an EVA sandal is made from a single moulded piece, and only the pin buckle used to adjust the individual width is added later.

Sandal in proven quality with new design

Despite all its innovations, the characteristic Birkenstock features have remained the same: the deep moulded ergonomic footbed that ensures a secure fit and makes it possible to walk safely and comfortably in the open sandals as well as the understated, minimalist design that can be worn by men and women alike. However, the new material has given the EVA sandal from Birkenstock more sturdiness, comfort and not least new colours. Whether you wear it as a high-quality shoe for at home, a comfortable summer sandal or as your companion for the swimming pool or sauna, the EVA sandal will always let you put your best foot forward.

Product features

  • Sturdy and easy-care material
  • Quality tested for harmful substances
  • Colourful designs
  • Increased comfort thanks to the soft and ultra-light EVA foam
  • Healthy walking due to the moulded ergonomic footbed
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