Designed and produced in Sweden tic® has been created to make it easier for people to fasten a shirt button. tic® is designed to fasten all regular shirt buttons. Each elegant tic® packet is made to fit neatly in a pocket, briefcase, handbag or travel case.

There are 4 tic-clips inside each packet. Each tic-clip has two ends, one with tiny spikes and one with tiny cylinders. To use tic® you simply pinch the spikes through the shirt fabric, and place a shirt button over. Close the cylinder-end over the spikes, and the two ends lock firmly together with the button in between. The clip is then moved back-&-forth until it snaps off, leaving behind a tiny bracket that looks just like a cotton stitch.

The design of tic® is based on a desire to make life simpler.
The main principles being: Simplicity, Elegance & Usability.

tic® is made of 100% biodegradable POM plastic. After fastening a shirt button with tic® you discard the unused part in the recycling bin. Then wear and wash the shirt as usual.

tic® is a permanent solution. It is machine washable and dry cleanable, and available in classic White and Black as well as four contemporary colours (Red, Light blue, Purple & Blue).

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