Inch Webbing Belt is not only practical and stylish belt, but also it’s for protection of the environment, with reducing your waist. People who overeat is intimately related with mass livestock farming, which is one of the main cause of climate change. But with the belt people were inspired to check and reduce waist size, also this belt induce them to control eating proper amount of food. As the results, it can reduce wasted food and prevent environmental disruption. It also helps you stay in shape. This belt has the following features: -This belt allow you easily check your waist size in your everyday life. -Checking waist size makes you aware of diet, and induce them to check weight regularly and have proper amount of food. -This roller buckle allow every person and every size to fit perfectly. -Origin of the material is from military use, durability guaranteed. -“Number” inch and alternative “word” inch, both allow the user have fun experience for diet. -Printed Polar Bear give you self diet option by maximizing user experience with awareness of climate change.

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