There are many new developments in the shoe business within the past years. Especially the SNEAKER shoes are now a part of Fashion. But in the fashion gloves business there are not many new ideas or designs.

The idea was to develop a SNEAKER glove which match the fashion, but with contemporary performance. The sidewall should remind on the sole of the sneaker shoes, the material and design to the most classic sneakers from CONVERSE or VANS.

– The upper material is coated 100% cotton which is wind-and waterproof
– The glove is extreme breathable because of the knitted ribbon around the fingers to keep your
hands dry. (much more breathable then ski or leather gloves).
– The palm side is made of a special conductive material to use SMART PHONE and TABLET.
– The gloves has a very good fitting because of the knitted ribbon

With this pattern and design we could create a wide range of SNEAKER gloves only by changing the upper hand material and the color of the sidewall. We can use all kind of material like wool, leather, cotton, synthetic fibre … Even the material not stretchable we will have a good fitting because of the knitted ribbon.

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