C R I P T. Card RFID Protection Tool
The new generation of wallets with CRIPT® Safety Technology. Cript stands for Card RFID Protection Tool. Innovative, ultra-flat leather wallets with integrated protection against unauthorised scanning of bank and ID cards using the RFID Blocker.
The 3.55 Steel model includes an aluminium case into which up to 7 credit cards can be inserted. This protects the credit cards from being scanned without authorisation. A special internal locking mechanism fixes each credit card into the case individually, meaning it cannot fall out. The aluminium case can be used separately without a wallet and is also equipped with a clip for bank notes. In addition, the aluminium case can be fixed into the leather wallet using the clip. This creates a complete wallet with coin compartment and additional card compartments for ID and parking tickets.
+ Size 90 mm x 66 mm x 9 mm
+ Aluminium card holder can be used separately
+ Card securing feature
+ RFID Blocking Area of the aluminium is 7 cards
+ Bank note compartment, money clip, optional money stripe
+ Coin compartment
+ Max. 12 credit cards
+ Cow leather

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