The Volvo Visibility Vest combines two products in one. Worn one way it’s a stylish vest but reversed it’s a high-visibility safety jacket – a compulsory item on construction sites. The vest is designed to fulfil the International Standardization Organization’s (ISO) EN ISO 20471 class no 1. requirements for high visibility clothing.

The reversible vest is believed to be the first product of its kind in the construction industry. Aimed at Volvo machine owners, dealers and operators, the dual functionality eliminates the need to carry an additional high visibility safety jacket. Off site, it’s easy to turn the vest into a regular jacket.

The functional design is instantly recognizable as a Volvo CE product. Driven by Volvo’s core values of quality, safety and environmental care, the vest is made from high quality, durable materials and is warm, water resistant and lightweight.

The 180° zipper is easily accessible from both sides. The chest pocket has been designed to keep valuables safe. To increase safety when worn as a regular jacket, the word ‘Volvo’ is reflective in the dark. A small compartment on the back of the jacket is designed to accommodate a GPS tracking device.

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