A clear mission Work clothes have a function both in terms of communication and efficiency in many professions. In the security service sector, corporate apparel serves to clearly and unmistakably indicate the position and function of its wearer. The Twin Jacket was designed especially for this profession. The objective of this corporate fashion was to create a multifunctional piece of apparel that reflects the diverse application areas existing within the security sector. The Twin Jacket features a stylish cut and a good fit, and it conveys the attributes of competence and presence in public. It thus fulfils the high demands existing especially within the professional security service sector. The materials used are highly durable and certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100. The idea of the Twin Jacket incorporating two independent jackets into one corporate design is highly logical and consistent. Featuring complementary characteristics, the jackets can be adapted according to the given area of operation. The representative appearance of blouson jacket with lapel collar for the doorman provides a warming function as an inner jacket, while the breathable parka protects against wind and rain. Zips in the side seam of the parka ease access both to the blouson jacket beneath and to the work-related equipment worn on the body. The design concept of the Twin Jacket thus responds to the high demands of corporate fashion by combining a clear professional appearance with the possibility for wearers of the jacket to act quickly and efficiently on duty.

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