Light feels good. It is not just about absolut physical weight it is about a feeling of lighweightness . With the Emperor coat UBER uses new technology to create a coat so light you almost can’t feel it yet it offers excellent weather protection. Ultra light yarns, high density weaving re-enforced with titanium and ripstop structures create an effect similar to a spider web – extremely light yet remarkably strong. Tailor made for travelling as it takes a minimal Space, fits into a document folder. The coat is fully windproof, offers light rain protection through DWR surface coating. The titanium inside re-enforcement has a second benefit of retaining heat so with a suit jacket or a sweater underneath you will be warm down zero degrees. Part of what UBER does with technology is creating a slim tailored look through ultra light, low bulk material and smart construction – Emperor is no exception so you not only feel light but also look sharp.

The Coat is presented at point of Retail in a special Box to highlight Product uniqueness, main consumer benefits and packablity option.

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