World-First Innovative Cooking Pot
It’s produced with the processing technology by shaving-out a carbon graphite material in 0.01mm accuracy.
1.By conveying heat quickly to the entire pan under a high thermal conductivity it prevents uneven-heating and it also provides energy saving effect.
2.high far-infrared effect of charcoal will pull out the taste of food and yield condensing effects.
3.Heat storage by thick-walled structure increases the heating efficiency and the far-infrared effects as well.
4.Since ceramics are coated on the inside, it doesn’t get burned and stuck on and yields a ceramic far-infrared effect.
5.With high sealability, it doesn’t lower taste and quality by circulating vapor emitted from the food in the pot.
6.It has heat resisting properties of 400 degree, which enables cooking of bake, boil, steam, oven and smoke.
5.Design inspired from audio volume knob, so as to feel simple strength harmonizing with the kitchen and table, retro shade and textures that grow fond of taste and flavor through frequent uses and the future of the new material.

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