Ai Yi Jia Qin is a non-profit education foundation inspired by the benevolence of the Buddha. (The Chinese name “Ai Yi Jia Qin” means “Family of Love”)

Ai Yi Jia Qin markets high-quality food products in order to help underprivileged students and families. Ai Yi Jia Qin believes that this is the way to share love in a continuous way.

We bridged the gap between the general public and traditional religion by using contemporary techniques. We abbreviated the name of the Bodhisattva “Amitabha” into “AMTB”, transformed these letters into an icon, forming the shape of a house, which symbolizes “home”.

This icon is expressed in a traditional Chinese seal with vermilion red, juxtaposed against the foundation name in black Chinese calligraphy, to convey that Ai Yi Jia Qin is founded based on the love and goodness of Buddhism and intends to make this world better.

The packaging system is comprised of brightly colored geometrical shapes to distinguish different products. Individual packs can also be placed into a wooden “house-shaped” gift box to represent the concept of “home”. The packaging conveys Ai Yi Jia Qin’s embrace of underprivileged families, as well as its belief in love.

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