32 cm triple layer canola oil seasoned cast iron wok with anodi- sed aluminum handles.Treating with oil both protects the cast iron from external damage and gives the cast iron it’s natural non-stick property.The handle of the alumina material has excellent heat dissipation characteristics, and the handle won’t be heated with the temperature when cooking. Precision turned bottom that works on all stoves. The perfect wok for everyday frying and dishes that require more volume than the frying pan.
The perfect deep frying pan is excellent for every day’s frying, boiling and frying. It also can complete the challenge of cooking a large volume of food without any pressure.
The hand-made handle is made of black metal with an aluminum shell which is recognized as one of the most luxurious and soft material around the world. Velosan adopted French technique of “Cut and Sew” to process three-dimensional casting and hand wrapping with exclusive aluminum shell, which accurately fits each surface. Then sew up the aluminum shell of different materials with French technique of “Double Casting and Lining” to ensure the product can be integral forming.

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