For manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer producing innovative, functional and well-designed products, you have the chance of presenting yourself and your products to a public interested in design on Red Dot 21. With the help of Red Dot 21, you can reach people who are on the lookout for design products and you will, at the same time, benefit from the reputation Red Dot has among design experts, journalists, interior designers and consumers around the world. Over time, the competition has become synonymous with design quality.

Red Dot 21 will allow you to reach design enthusiasts

Representation on Red Dot 21 will increase the discoverability of your products and will, at the same time, reach a design-interested audience with the requisite spending power. You can sign up free of charge and log-in on Red Dot 21 and upload a company profile which briefly introduces your company with a short description (short profile) together with a company logo. You can decide whether you would like to accompany your online company profile with one or several products for our visitors. The number of permissible products depends on the type of membership you choose. You can find out more about services and bookable additional options on our Membership & prices page.

The more detailed your product description and the more high-quality the images that show the product, the easier it will be for potential customers to obtain comprehensive information about the product. Take the time to develop an appealing presentation and make the most of the comprehensive services Red Dot 21 has to offer.

Red Dot 21 for increased reach

From the product presentation page, you can guide design-interested readers directly to your online shop or to your company website. You may already have placed a campaign on your website or would like to present other suitable products e.g. a complete range of products. Then you should not neglect to make use of Red Dot 21 as a multiplier and show the variety of your products on our site. You can re-direct any online visitor who has found your products on Red Dot 21 either by using the “Go to shop” button to secure higher sales figures or by attracting higher visitor numbers to your website (“Find out more”). Additional reach is provided by the new social media buttons linked to each product. They allow design fans to recommend the favourite products they have found to their friends.

If you choose not to re-direct Red Dot 21 site visitors, we reserve the right to research a suitable supplier for your design products in order to be able to offer our readers an online purchase option.

Red Dot 21’s new magazine area

If you would like to appear in an article in our new magazine area on Red Dot 21, we have a new service to offer you. In the new magazine on Red Dot 21, our editorial regularly presents interesting products under the Design & lifestyle trends magazine section. If you would like, your products can mentioned there or in another section such as Portraits, Hotspots or Product stories, in a design context. Perhaps your products will soon also be available to view online on Red Dot 21 and will be enthusiastically received by readers interested in design.

Notice: It is not mandatory for your products to have won a distinction in the Red Dot Award. We do however reserve the right critically to assess whether they meet our design standards before we post them online. Further information can be found in our General Terms and conditions.

You have got questions concerning our service? To send us a message please use the contact form or send us an emai to – we will be happy to assist you.

Make the most of the opportunities offered by Red Dot 21. Experience Red Dot 21 and enjoy the benefits of our design portal for good design.