For existing customers

Are you already represented on Red Dot 21 with your products, projects and campaigns and have put in place a company profile? If so, you might be interested to find out what has happened in the course of the comprehensive relaunch in 2017.

Your benefits at Red Dot 21

The new Red Dot 21 offers you numerous benefits: a modern design, new functions, an additional magazine area and an expanded service offering. We have also improved the discoverability of Red Dot 21 via search engines and now offer different target groups even more incentives to make Red Dot 21 one of their main ports of call for good design. The new website for Red Dot 21 is now also available in German in addition to English and therefore provides even greater potential market reach for your products. We plan to expand the multi-lingual nature of our offering even further in future.

In addition, we now also offer you the new option of linking your products to your own manufacturing shop (“Go to the shop”) to increase your turnover. If you do not have your own online shop, you can link to a company website in order to provide prospective customers with additional information about your product or to draw their attention to your own online campaign (“Find out more”). This will allow you automatically to generate higher visitor numbers for your own online presence. Social networks will offer you even greater reach, if potential customers recommend their favourite product found on Red Dot 21 to their friends by clicking on the social media buttons.

Red Dot 21’s new magazine

The new magazine area was launched to offer design enthusiasts additional value through articles on different design-related topics. The magazine is not only intended to provide readers with information and to entertain them, but also to supplement the Red Dot 21 product catalogue in a variety of ways. In the magazine, we therefore regularly write about hip lifestyle trends and present products of outstanding design quality, relate companies’ stories about themselves or explain how products are created that later conquer the market.

If you would like to introduce yourself or your company with a portrait or would like your products to be mentioned in an article in the magazine, you can choose from different magazine sections and decide which will best suit the positioning of your information. The sections are Design & lifestyle trends, Portraits, Product stories, Hotspots and Exhibitions, events & fairs.

New concept for Red Dot 21 memberships

The new concept for Red Dot 21 includes an amended membership model. They range from free of charge memberships to fee-paying accounts. We will contact you individually to tell you about the different options for on-going membership, so that you can continue to present your products to a design-savvy target group.

If an initial look has already confirmed that you would like to use our online portal for good design extensively and in the longer term, you will find information on Memberships & prices by following the link. Here you will be able immediately to renew your membership, optimally expand it with bookings of additional services or take out a premium membership. Please refer to our General Terms and conditions for further details.

You will find all the data that you have already uploaded in the new Red Dot 21 design portal. Under the log-in tab, which you will find under the “Our Offer” menu tab, you can sign in using your usual user data and can so continue working on your short profile, upload additional products or new images. If you should have any questions or need any help, you can notify us using the contact form or simply send us an email at We will come back to you as soon as possible and will be happy to help.

Experience Red Dot 21 and enjoy the new benefits of Red Dot 21.