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The Who is Who of design companies on Red Dot 21

The best design products of well-known manufacturers and design brands from around the world can be found on Red Dot 21 in the “Manufacturers” menu item. Hundreds of manufacturers from every corner of the globe have been included. Some are small or medium-sized businesses, some are start-ups, others are international, stock-market listed corporations. Despite all these differences, they have one thing in common, the ambition to offer their customers particularly well-designed products. They have all understood what Thomas J. Watson Jr., the one-time CEO of IBM, meant when he said, “Good design is good business.” These companies know that consumers are increasingly aware of quality, and they understand that design is an important criterion in purchasing decisions. Many firms have also realised that the design of a product says a lot about a company’s power of innovation, its quality performance and the benefit the customer derives from the product. That is why they make targeted investments in design and try in this way to differentiate themselves from competition.

Sustained design performance and powers of innovation

There are companies who manage to achieve this with particular skill, sustained design performance and powers of innovation over a long period of time. Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design recognises this and awards one of these organisations the honorary title “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year” for its sustained design performance and powers of innovation. In the past, the title has gone to, among others, Sony, Apple, Mercedes, Audi, Miele, LG Electronics, LG, Porsche, BMW, Pininfarina, Bose, Lenovo, Grohe, adidas, Hilti and Blackmagic Design. But smaller and less well-known design brands also achieve great things with their products and are worthy of your attention.

Take a look at the self-portraits of one or other of these manufacturers if a product is of particular interest to you. You will also find the business address and a link to the website, as well as information on further design products made by the same company.