Zhejiang Marssenger Kitchenware Co., Ltd
Shi Jing Road No. 71, Haining 314400 Jiaxing China P. R.
Phone: +86 0573 87019299
Fax: +86 0573 87019299

Zhejiang Marssenger Kitchenware Co. Ltd. is a modern High-tech company, whose focus is researching and developing, and manufacturing as well as distributing kitchen electrical appliances. It aims at building a head company in this industry, with over one thousand million for the total investment value.
Our company is devoted to the innovation and reforming of the technology and technique on the traditional hood so that we have created a innovative product—Marssenger Hood, whose cooking fume purification rate is up to 99.95%, with several national patents gained. Our company, with its technology power, has made some contributions to the removal of cooking fumes and prevented people from the health threats to human’s skin and respiratory system. Our company has created a clean and healthy kitchen environment with our high quality hood.
Our company’s mission is giving human being a healthy and harmonious family atmosphere, with an innovative business model and unique business-running way to establish a brand called Marssenger. Our final aim is to become the navigator among China healthy kitchenware brands and a head company leading the trend in this industry.

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