Yakima Products, Inc.
15025 SW Koll Parkway 97006 Beaverton USA
Phone: 888-925-4621

At Yakima, our engineers and designers are as passionate about the outdoors as you are. Whether it’s road cycling, mountain biking, downhill skiing, telemarking, kayaking, mountain climbing or camping with friends or family; there is someone at Yakima doing it. We live it every day, we know what works and, more importantly, we know what doesn’t.

Being an active part of the outdoor community keeps us connected with other enthusiasts. We use these connections to listen and learn what people need in rack systems and accessories. Combining our own personal experience with that of other outdoor enthusiasts, we get what we refer to as “Insight-Inspired Innovation.”

The result is much more than could ever be achieved by sitting in front of a computer all day. It is something that can only be achieved by living and loving the outdoor lifestyle. It is what gives each of our products their key fundamental elements.

When you go with Yakima, have the confidence of knowing that you have the finest gear-hauling solution money can buy. With Yakima handling your gear, you can focus on enjoying the outdoors.

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