124 West 30 Street 10001 New York USA
Phone: 21209319062

A Step Up in Style and Common Sense

The idea for Voot came from necessity, the mother of all invention.
On a perfectly crisp, bright fall day in New York City, the founder of
Voot boot shapers opened her closet door. She reached for her favorite
(expensive!) suede boots: rich, supple, and super stylish. What she
pulled out instead were limp, permanently creased boots. Boots deserve better, she
thought. And the quest began. After three years and countless tests,
prototypes, and trials, Voot boot shapers have taken shape as the best
possible option to preserve your boots.

Made in the USA, Made to Last

We refuse to cut corners or use cheap materials from
overseas in our boot inserts. Voot believes in empowering American workers. And in our
opinion, nothing compares to a quality product made in the USA.

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