Vedum Kok & Bad AB
. 53484 Vedum Sweden
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Age is certainly no guarantee of wisdom, but we still dare to say that our experience made ​​us wiser. Example, we have learned that we must constantly develop new solutions to meet the contemporary demands. Today, our development and quality work tied to routines, programs and certifications, but the strong will to think in new ways has been with the company since it was founded by carpenter Viktor Lindberg 1919. Today, we have approximately 280 employees and annual sales of approximately 45 million Euro. This makes us the largest family-owned kitchen and bathroom company. But above all, we are a company using our extensive experience to develop new ideas.

We at Vedum likes to talk about our history. Not that we are living in the past, but because it plays such a big part of who we are today. It is about the security of knowing what we stand for and what values ​​we have, but also on the ability to innovate that grows out of the knowledge that we are on a steady basis. For us, the link between past and present living in obvious ways. We collect daily power from what we have done and can continue to grow and become an even stronger company in the future.

Important dates in the history of Vedum

• 1919 – the company founded by carpenter Viktor Lindberg.
• 1935 – the business specializes gradually towards the kitchen and closets.
• 1958 – new factory and modernized production.
• 1981 – now computerized and become more market oriented.
• 1987 – bathroom manufacturing begins in Vedum.
• 1989 – the exhibition of The Windmill is inaugurated.
• 1997 – exports to Norway accelerates.
• 2005 – a new generation taking over the family business.

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