ToThree Design
C-1413, No. 46 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District 100007 Beijing China
Phone: 86-10-84018358

ToThree is a company that
specializes in signage system planning and design for architectures and urban
environment. Our name is quoted from the book To Three by Emery Studio.
“To” is a pun, which not only shows the essence of graphic design for
environmental information: two (to) dimension, but also indicates the forward
trend and our ultimate goal: To make it Three Dimensional. By making the
graphic signage design three-dimensional, we create live visual communication,
intriguing space and boundless imagination.


Our team has diverse professional backgrounds and
extensive experience, and we got together because of our shared value and
attitude towards culture and design. The core members of ToThree have been
working together for almost ten years, so we are more like a family. The projects
we have done include Beijing Capital Airport, National Library of China,
Zhejiang Library, Tianjin Art Museum and so on, some of whom brought us
well-known awards which of course include Reddot.

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